Hoofbeats & Heartbeats Association, Inc. (HBHB)
HBHB was incorporated in 2001 and is a registered 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. HBHB grants scholarships for equine-assisted or nature-based therapy from certified and licensed therapists. These therapists use horses and/or the natural environment in the therapy process. Scholarships fund physical, occupational, speech, and psycho-social therapy, as well as therapeutic/adaptive riding. HBHB does not own or endorse any facility. Scholarship applicants should already have been evaluated and accepted at a facility.
HBHB also provides scholarships for nonprofit organizations to attend group programs that use horses or the natural environment to assist in achieving their goals. Group programs often focus on teamwork, social skills, and personal reflection. They are typically a one-time event though some programs are recurring. Groups that HBHB have supported include special education classrooms, the Kane County Juvenile Justice Center, grief support programs, a pediatric nursing facility, and many more.

HBHB serves the the greater Chicagoland area of northeast Illinois.