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HBHB is not currently accepting scholarship applications.
Scholarship FAQs


Q: What does HBHB fund?

A: HBHB funds therapy and therapeutic recreational activities that utilize horses and/or the natural environment. This includes physical, occupational, speech, and psycho-social therapy, conducted by licensed therapists who use horses or the natural environment in the therapy process. HBHB also grants scholarships for therapeutic/adaptive horseback riding conducted by certified therapeutic riding instructors. 

Q: Where do I need to go for therapy?

A: HBHB does not own or endorse any particular therapy facility. Rather, applicants apply to HBHB for financial assistance after choosing a facility on their own and being evaluated and accepted for treatment. Facilities must be in the greater Chicagoland area of northeast Illinois

Q: Who can apply?

A: Individuals or groups with special needs may apply. Individuals must also show proof of financial need. Groups must be from a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Please see the scholarship applications for required documentation. All individuals/groups must already have been evaluated and accepted into a program.

Q: What are the financial qualifications for an individual to receive a scholarship?

A: Applicants must show proof of financial need. HBHB awards scholarships to individuals with an income under $45,000. (In the case of a minor, the household income must be under $45,000.) Exceptions are sometimes made; if your income exceeds $45,000 you may submit a letter to HBHB before completing the application that details the extenuating circumstances. The board will review it and inform you if you may still apply.


Q: How much money is awarded?

A: Award is based on treatment type. Hippotherapy scholarships (OT, PT, Speech, and Psyco-social) average $1,200; therapeutic/adaptive riding scholarships average $600; and group programs vary by treatment type, group size, and frequency.  

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: Nope. HBHB provides scholarships for all ages.


Q: Is there a deadline to apply?

A: Applications are accepted year-round. You should hear back about your application within one month. If you do not hear back please contact us by emailing us at