Apply for a Scholarship
HBHB is not currently accepting scholarship applications.
Hoofbeats & Heartbeats Scholarship Applications

Individual and group scholarship applications may be downloaded below. We will be happy to assist with any questions you may have. Questions may be submitted through our Contact page or email us at

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to submitting an application for an individual scholarship, applicants should already have been assessed and accepted by a therapy facility that uses horses and/or the natural environment for therapy with their clients. HBHB does not endorse any particular therapy facility. HBHB does evaluate all facilities to ensure that services are provided by licensed and insured therapists; that all staff and volunteers are thoroughly trained; and that horses are well cared for.


Group leaders requesting funding for a group program must be representing a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Group leaders must have already been in contact with a therapy facility and have developed a program that meets the needs of their group. You will be required to submit an outline of the program in the application process.

All groups and individuals must reside in the Chicagoland area of northeast Illinois.